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Wedding Blanket Set ~ Natural

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It is not a throw. It is not a coverlet. It is a wedding blanket. When it’s time to relax, this little piece of heaven is ready for you. It is generously proportioned 58×90 for two and comes in a set with two shams that are 20×36. They will touch when executed on a queen bed; will fit as expected when executed on a king bed. We sought out the coziest weaves we could find to let that soft, chunky weave speak to comfort. The wedding blankets are handwoven and finished with accent fringes that are actually part of the executed weaving process. They are over-embellished with accent fringe as well to bring that soft kiss of color back onto the edging of the blanket. The shams hold king fills. They are intended to serve as layering pieces and to bring that soft subtle color play and comfort that will be at the bed foot draping onto the pillow area of the bed. The wedding blankets are sold as a three-piece set. Whether you are enjoying a cozy evening with a great book, riveting movie, or a game, this wedding blanket is designed to swaddle you and those you love in lived-in comfort.


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Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, tumble dry low, do not bleach.


Sewn Closure


100% Cotton

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