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Donny & Debbie's story

On June 09, 1999, Donny Osmond released his autobiography, Life Is Just What You Make It. It’s the humbling and amazing story of a real‐life rock star family man whose soul is rife with integrity and whose lexicon is void of the word quit. Not surprisingly, it became a New York Times best seller.

It’s a story that dovetails neatly with Donny and Debbie Osmond’s belief in the home as the center of family life. For Donny and Debbie, a life on the road has meant that ‘Home is just what you make it’: a relaxed state of mind intertwined with a commitment to life’s most precious reward – time spent with family.

For Donny and Debbie to build an enduring home brand, it has to be as big as the life they have lived – and continue to live. Their brand stands proudly on its own as an authentic style derived of their family values, life experiences and the love they’ve shared in entertaining the world for more than fifty years. Theirs is a beautiful way of life, one to be emulated and one to serve as a reminder of what’s really important in our time on earth.

Their brand lives up to the example set in the way that they live. It’s a brand and a lifestyle that transcends generations from Baby Boomers to Generation X, Millennials and beyond. It’s a brand that their family will be proud to carry on for generations to come.

Donny would describe himself as a California kid who, throughout life, has found sanctuary in time spent with family in his Utah homeplace. For the overwhelming majority of his life, Debbie has been the center of that homeplace. Donny and Debbie’s relaxed, casual lifestyle is anchored in their family values and a love of home that is borne of months-­long stretches working on the road. Regardless of our life’s circumstance, this is something that everyone can relate to.

Their effortless sense of understated sophistication is informed by their world travels, the support of family members and mentors alike, and a lifetime of memories spent in their homes in Utah and California. They love a clean, uncluttered aesthetic, one that is set against the backdrop of the mountains of Utah or the Pacific Ocean. It’s a place where desert landscapes and mountain vistas meet the expanse of the Pacific Ocean and the gentle sway of palm trees. It’s where Deer Valley, Sundance, Park City and Provo meet Malibu, Santa Monica, Hollywood and Newport Beach.


It’s a place where Donny and Debbie relax and recharge before returning to the world’s stage. It’s a place where fond memories reflect against the hope and promise of sharing this wonderful life with family and friends. It’s a crossroads where the roar of a crowd and a hard night’s work is muted by crashing waves, surfboards and salty air or the dusty grin of a boy who’s just climbed off his motorcycle after a long desert run. It’s the warm, gentle cradle that is a family piled on a well­‐worn sofa to see the sunset across the panoramic view of a mountain range or rolling Pacific swells.

For Donny and Debbie Osmond, this is life. This is not the mere love of three different aesthetics ­‐ Mountain Modern, Metropolitan Modern and California Coastal. This is not their take on lifestyles gleaned from the pages of a magazine or hours spent on Pinterest and Instagram. No. This is their aesthetic: one that is unique to their journey, defined by their life and by those they share it with. This is their own blurred line between life in Utah and California.

This is Donny Osmond Home by Debbie and Donny Osmond.